This function returns the dimensions of a Rich Display File screen based on the elements occupying that screen.  The function returns an object with the following properties:

  • x1 - the x-coordinate of the left-most element on the screen
  • y1 - the y-coordinate of the top-most element on the screen
  • x2 - the x-coordinate of the right-most part of the screen
  • y2 - the y-coordinate of the bottom-most part of the screen


  • container - a reference to the DOM object, which serves as the container for the elements on the screen; a special value pui.runtimeContainer can be used here to utilize the default container for a Rich Display File application


var dimensions = pui.getDimensions(pui.runtimeContainer);
var x1 = dimensions.x1;
var y1 = dimensions.y1;
var x2 = dimensions.x2;
var y2 = dimensions.y2;
var width = x2 - x1;
var height = y2 - y1;