This function launches a given navigation item as a tab in the portal. The item will launch using the settings that have been configured for it in the Add/Update navigation item form.


  • itemId - a numeric value that represents the unique identifier for the item – this value is displayed on the add/update navigation item form.
  • closable  - a Boolean value that indicates if the tab should contain a close button. Pass true for a tab with a close button, or false for a tab without a close button. This value defaults to true, if not specified. 
  • callback - a function that will be called after the tab has been created. The callback contains two parameters as well, success and tab.
    • Success - a Boolean that represents if the tab was created properly. The value will be true for success, false if an error occurred.
    • Tab - a reference to the tab object being launched. 


The following expression launches a closable tab with the id of 330. It also passes a callback function that will close the new tab in 5 seconds, using the Atrium.closeTab() API.  

Atrium.launchItem(330, true, function(success, tab) {
  if (success === true){
	}, 5000);

If this is being used within Atrium (i.e. under the /extension/atrium directory), Atrium.api.launchItem() should be used instead.