End-user Requirements

Minimum PC requirements for normal performance:

Suggestions for best performance:

IBM i Server Requirements

IBM i OS Requirements

 IBM i 7.1 or newer with the latest cumulative PTF, HIPER, and HTTP Group PTFs should be installed on the system. We also recommend the latest Technology Refresh (TR) for new features.

IBM i 6.1 is no longer supported starting with Version 6, Fix Pack 2.0 of Profound UI.

Additional Requirements for Genie

Starting with Profound UI Version 5, Fix Pack 12.0 (or later) Genie requires additional PTFs.

Due to a bug in IBM i, customers may receive the following error when running Genie:

CPF87D3: Internal system error occurred in program QTVSWRIT.

To fix this error, please have the following PTFs (provided by IBM) installed.

ReleasePTF ID

Requirements for Using SSL with IBM i 7.4

Due to a bug in IBM i 7.4, customers may receive an Internal Server Error message when using SSL with Profound UI. 

To fix this error, please install PTF SI70862 (provided by IBM). You can find more information about this PTF here