Genie: Determines whether a vertical scrollbar for paging through data records will appear within the grid. If the grid is not a database-driven grid, the scrollbar will automatically send the PageUp/PageDown keys to the underlying application.

ProfoundUI: Determines the type of vertical scrollbar used to scroll through records within the grid. A sliding scrollbar scrolls freely, while a paging scrollbar scrolls one page of records at a time only.

Promptable? DROPDOWN
Possible Values: none, sliding, paging
Bindable? YES
Products: ProfoundUI, Genie


Clicking up or down on the scrollbar has the same effect as typing the PageUp or PageDown keys respectively.

Limitation: If a Rich Display file has more than one subfile grid, then the PageUp and PageDown keys are ignored; then scrolling can only happen using the scrollbars or paging controls.