The Genie Handler provides significant improvements to Genie's automatic subfile enhancements using RPG Open Access. Adding the Genie Handler to an RPG program that runs in Genie enables new subfile features, including:


The Genie Handler works only with ILE RPG programs. To use the Handler, simply add the Handler keyword to any WORKSTN file specifications (you can manually add this keyword or use our PUIADDHND command). 

// Handler is a bound sub-procedure, can't use default activation group.
Ctl-Opt DftActGrp(*No);
// Parameter to Handler must be specified in uppercase.
Dcl-F MYDSPF WorkStn Handler('GENIE(HANDLER)');

Then recompile the program. The configuration settings "Detect Subfiles" and "Detect Subfile Patterns" must be enabled in the Genie Administrator to enable the additional features.

Precise subfile detection, grid scrolling, and message subfile enhancements will be enabled automatically when running the program in a Genie session.

Compatibility with Standard 5250 Emulators

The Handler detects when the program is run in a standard 5250 emulator such as IBM i Access, and the program will function as usual.


The Genie Designer can be used to set grid properties relating to column ordering/sizing, sorting, export, find, filter, etc., or to change the position of the grid and column sizes/headers. It's not possible to use the Designer to set properties on fields within the subfile record format. 

Tip: To enable sorting, the grid must have a header. Set the "has header" property. 


The Genie Handler is currently in beta. A copy is included with all Profound UI installations >= 5.1.2 but requires a temporary license key to function. The Genie Handler will be licensed as a separate module with an additional license fee. For pricing and licensing questions or to receive a temporary license key please contact: sales@profoundlogic.com

Problems? Questions? Comments?

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