The Work With Profound UI Instances (PUIWRKINST) command is a green-screen utility that will help you identify, configure, and manage the instances of Profound UI that are installed on your IBM i server or LPAR.  It is "Work With" style command, similar to those that IBM provides with the operating system.  To run it simply type PUIWRKINST in your 5250 emulation software at the command-line.

Note: In order to use the PUIWRKINST command, you must have the library where you installed Profound UI (or one of the libraries if you have it installed multiple times) in your library list.  By default, this library is called PROFOUNDUI, but you have the option to select a different library name during installation.  Add whichever library name you used when you installed Profound UI to your library list before running the PUIWRKINST command.

PUIWRKINST has one optional parameter, an instance name to work with.  If this parameter is not provided, or the special value of *SELECT is provided, the PUIWRKINST tool will show the "Work With Profound UI Instances" screen where it will show all of the instances on your system.  If an instance name is provided, it will go directly to the "Work With Profound UI Instance Jobs" screen.

The Work With Profound UI Instances Screen

This screen provides a list of the Profound UI instances on your system, and gives you options that you may use to work with each instance.  Here is an example from an IBM i server that has one instance named PROFOUNDUI:

The fields shown on this screen are:

The options available on this screen are:

If any of the above options produces an error, the error message will be reported in your job log.  You can use the F20 function key to view the job log when this happens.

The following function keys are available on this screen:

The Work With Profound UI Instance Jobs Screen

When a Profound UI instance is running there are many jobs that make it work properly. Some of these jobs are provided by the IBM HTTP Server (powered by Apache) that Profound UI runs on top of, and others are part of the Profound UI tool itself. This screen lets you see the jobs that are working and helps you understand the role of each job and get diagnostic information for each job when necessary.  If you have purchased the Profound UI Performance Tools module, this screen will also show you some performance statistics related to each job in your Profound UI instance.

By default, the Work With Profound UI Instance Jobs screen will only show you the jobs where your applications are run.  There will be one job shown for each session that is running a Profound UI application. In this example, the instance is running one application in Genie and one application in a Rich Display session:

If you press the F22 key, it will show all jobs running in the instance, including the IBM-supplied jobs that make the HTTP server work and the Profound UI controller jobs.  Here is the same instance as above with the additional jobs shown:

The fields shown on this screen are:

If you have purchased the Profound UI Performance Tools module, the following additional fields will be available.  These are all job-level statistics (not thread-level.)  You can use the F11 function key to scroll through the additional fields since not all of them can fit on the screen at one time:

The details are retrieved by calling the IBM-supplied QUSRJOBI API, you can find more documentation by looking at format JOBI1000 on the QUSRJOBI manual page.  Elapsed statistics may be reset by pressing the F10 function key.

You can use the following function keys on this screen: