This API returns the number of database rows returned from the most recent fetch from the passed SELECT statement handle.

The API can also be called in the form of a method attached to a statement object as follows: stmt.rowCount().

  1. Statement handle returned from pjs.prepare() or pjs.allocStmt(). The statement handle must reference a SELECT statement that has been successfully executed using either pjs.execute() or pjs.executeDirect() and fetched from at least one time using pjs.fetch() or one of its variants. This parameter is omitted if the API is called as a statement method.
Return Value

The number of rows returned. Zero is returned if the statement handle does not reference a SELECT statement, or if the statement has not been successfully executed and fetched from.

pjs.define("systables", { type: "data structure", qualified: true, dim: 100, elements: {
  "table_name": { type: "char", varying: true, length: 128},
  "table_text": { type: "char", varying: true, length: 50 }
var stmt = pjs.allocStmt();
stmt.executeDirect("select table_name, table_text from qsys2/systables");
pjs.fetch(stmt, systables, 100);
for (var idx = 1; idx <= stmt.rowCount(); idx++) {
  console.log("(%d) %s %s", idx, systables[idx].table_name, systables[idx].table_text);



When using an IBM i database, this API requires the Profound.js Connector module.