Profound.js programs running on can be called using the NODERUN CL command or program. The program to run is identified by the NodeRun workspace owner and workspace name. The workspace's start program is executed, parameters can be passed back/forth, and the program can access IBM i data and objects. Access tokens can be used to run workspaces that don't allow public access. Profound.js Connector APis, such as DB2/i access, program/procedure call, etc. are available to the NodeRun program when called in this way, and access to IBM i objects runs in the same job as the NODERUN command. The program may either present an interactive user interface or just perform back-end business logic, in which case control is immediately passed back to IBM i after the NodeRun program finishes executing. Calling an interactive program is only allowed within a Profound UI / Genie session.


The NODERUN command takes the following parameters:

See the command help panels for more information on using the NODERUN command.


The NODERUN program performs the same functions the NODERUN command, except that parameter values changed by the NodeRun program are returned to the caller.

NODERUN Parameter List

Workspace owner

Profile handle that owns workspace to be called.



Workspace name in either descriptive format or
workspace URL format.


Access token

Pass '*NONE' to run a public workspace.


Parameter (optional)

Parameter to pass to the NodeRun program.
Type/length depends on definition in the program.
This parameter can be repeated as many times as needed.


Security / Access Control

For security purposes, both the NODERUN command and program use an access control list to determine what workspaces can be called. The access control list is stored in database table NODERUNACL in the Profound.js Connector installation library. The table has one column, for the workspace owner profile handle. The NODERUN command and program will only call workspaces belonging to owners listed in the NODERUNACL table. By default, the access control list only allows workspaces published by Profound Logic. Insert additional rows in the table to allow calling workspaces published by other owners.