This method returns the value or contents of a grid cell.  The cell must be visible when this method is called.


*Column 0 refers to the first column as established during design-time (in Visual Designer). If movable columns is true, then the user could change the column order; getCellValue(row, 0) retrieves the value in the first column, even if the user has moved that column.


The following expression can be assigned to the onrowclick event of a grid with an id of "subfile" to start a Google search using the value in the first column of the row being clicked:"" + encodeURIComponent(getObj("subfile").grid.getCellValue(row, 0));

Alternatively, an expression such as "handleRowClick(row)" can be assigned to the event, and the following function can be placed into an external JavaScript file:

function handleRowClick(row) {
  var value = getObj("subfile").grid.getCellValue(row, 0);"" + encodeURIComponent(value));