To open the API designer, open the Profound.js IDE and click New > API File to add a new API, or edit an existing file with the extension "api.json."

While you are editing or adding an API File, the following API Designer will be presented:

This API Designer has several sections:

1. Files Tree tab: In this example, you'll see that an API file (a filename that ends with .api.json) was opened.

2. API Routes section: This is a list of APIs stored within this file. Here is where you will select, add, update, copy, and remove APIs.

3. This is where you will provide information about the selected API.

4. API Logic section: Use Low-Code steps and plugins to program the selected API routine.

5. Input Parameters and Output Parameters: This is where you will define inputs and outputs for the selected API, as well as order and document them.

For each parameter you define, you can specify:

6. API Options section: This is where you can access other API tools from the IDE.