Our Profound.js low-code platform lets you develop fully functional applications without writing code (or by writing minimal code). This allows companies to adjust to change quickly and to innovate at a more rapid pace.

By guiding you through the development process, Profound.js makes you more productive and teaches you the concepts of Node.js and the Profound.js framework used for building business applications.

The main benefits of using low-code in Profound.js are:

With low-code, your development is done using drag-and-drop and point-and-click, and all functionality is contained within Rich Display JSON files.

For best results, you should design your screens and configure your database first, because the low-code environment uses the screen design and the database layout to walk you through the process of creating business logic in a visual manner.

Your application’s functionality is contained within the Rich Display Visual Designer under a tab labeled “Logic”. Your logic is divided into one or more routines:

Routines are created in a point-and-click manner. They are initiated from events, such as a button onclick event.

To create your first low-code application, follow this Getting Started Guide on Using Low-code or choose a low-code template by starting a new space on Profound.js Spaces.